Workshop: The Horse Owner's Guide to Good Feet

with Richard Vialls, Equine Podiatrist

We've all heard the old adage 'no foot, no horse'... this two day workshop is aimed at giving you an insight into how your horse's feet work and how to keep them healthy. Many of the common foot-related problems are avoidable and even some of the worst problems can often be solved if the underlying causes are understood. The topics covered will be relevant whether your horse is shod or barefoot. The workshop will be mostly theory with some practical work and demonstrations.

Over the two days, the workshop will cover:

  • Basic anatomy
  • What does the foot do?
  • How does the foot work?
  • How to assess feet
  • How to spot lameness
  • The role of diet in healthy feet
  • Laminitis - what every horse owner should know
  • Other pathologies, their causes, and what can be done about them, including:
    • Thrush, White Line Disease and Seedy Toe
    • Navicular disease
    • Under-run heels
    • Cracks
    • Abscesses
    • Flat footedness
  • How to manage horses without shoes
  • Dissection of a foot

Richard Vialls is an Equine Podiatrist based in North Wales. He is a founder member of the Equine Podiatry Association and currently serves on its governing council. He has a particular research interest in laminitis.

Cost per person: £150 to cover both days.

Hosting: If you would like to host this course, please contact me to register interest. To host the course, you will need to find 8-12 participants. I'll need a room that can seat the participants with enough space to site a projector and screen. I'll also need suitable under-cover facilities for doing disections (i.e. somewhere that a mess can be made). I will also need at least 2 live horses and enough reasonably smooth tarmac/concrete to trot up. Feel free to contact me to discuss details.