Normal trimming visits

I charge £50 per horse for normal trimming visits. This will usually include trimming the hooves, providing a written assessment of progress and providing advice on things like diet, infection control, suitable levels of work, etc.

Initially, I will probably need to see the horse every 5-6 weeks. I may be able to increase the length of time between visits once the feet are in good shape.

Other services

In addition to normal trimming visits, I can provide the following services:

  • Informal assessment (e.g. 'would my horse be OK to go barefoot?): free if I'm in the area (nominal charge otherwise)
  • Insurance report (involves removal of any shoes): £50
  • Insurance report and trim: £70
  • Pre-purchase assessment (involves removal of shoes): £50


I carry a small stock of products that may be useful in the care of hooves including disinfectants and nutritional supplements.

I can also supply the Easycare range of removable hoof boots. I provide a free fitting service to clients who purchase these boots from me.

Geographical area covered

On top of the charge per horse, I add travel expenses for yards outside my normal area. The map below shows the areas I cover with and without charging travel expenses. In exceptional circumstances, I may be prepared to travel further afield by arrangement.

Area covered