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Good hoofWelcome to the web site of Richard Vialls, Equine Podiatrist.

Equine podiatry is about getting the best possible feet under your horse.

Equine footcare techniques have moved on in the last few years. Many horse owners are now discovering that their horses can work without shoes and that there are health and other benefits that come with this approach. Equine Podiatry is an holistic, science-based approach to caring for your horse's feet without the use of shoes.

While the way the hooves are trimmed clearly has an important effect on the health of your horse's feet, there are also many other environmental factors that are equally important. As one of the most experienced Equine Podiatrists in the UK, I am not only experienced at trimming hooves, but also at providing advice and support on how to manage your horse's environment to maximise the potential for the feet.

Good hoof

With the right management approach, most horses can work without shoes... often to a high level.

Barefoot techniques are also very effective for improving hoof problems such as flat feet and navicular disease that have previously proved difficult to tackle. I have a strong research interest in hoof pathologies - especially laminitis and low grade laminitis.

I am based on the Isle of Anglesey and my practice covers North Wales.

The Equine Podiatry AssociationI am a full member of the Equine Podiatry Association (the regulatory body for equine podiatrists) and am also a member of the EPA governing Council.

I am also one of the two main tutors on the Diploma in Equine Podiatry course.